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Digital Business Architect & Notion Template Creator.

I’m designing, building—plus, assessing—Notion templates and more for Creators, Executives & Owners of Single-Member LLCs.
Many people have a business idea but don't know where to start. Or, they've been working on a project for a while but don't know how to earn money from it.
These ideas are the catalyst responsible for “Income Idea Inc”; the project’s designed to helped digital creators, executive artists & online business owners get clear, effective opportunity insights without confusion, exhaustion or overwhelm.

What I Do


Creating Low- & #NoCode Solutions for everyday #creator-entrepreneurs.


Simplifying & sharing 22+ years of Executive leadership development experience.


Creating Income Idea Inc.
Educating by “experience”
Owner(Shipping) “offers”
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- Rahim Farhouni, Creator-Coach-Consultant, Easy Marketing Lab .

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My name's Dairrick Anthony Jordan and I help powerhouse creators, executives, and owners of single-member llcs simplify their online business dream without the corporate budget.
My goal is to help creators, executives, and owners of single-member LLCs define, design, and deliver purpose-driven, people-centric, passion-filled profitability using systemized custom productization service packaging.

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