Creatorpreneur Q+A - Nandu Ashok

Creatorpreneur Q+A - Nandu Ashok - November 07

Discover the extraordinary story of Nandu Ashok, an 18-year-old prodigy who defied expectations and built a thriving business empire while navigating the challenges of high school.
Learn about his early aspirations, challenges faced, and the driving force behind his success.
Praadigi and Nandu had a conversation about Nandu's journey with selling Notion templates.
Nandu discovered the potential of selling templates, started experimenting, and eventually found success after initially facing challenges and doubts.
Nandu discovered that his templates were being downloaded by people from different parts of the world, which motivated him to put more effort into his hobby. He realized the potential of establishing a personal brand and focused on building an authority and voice, aiming to have a solid brand by May 2024.
Nandu and Praadigi discussed the importance of volume and engagement on Twitter for gaining followers. Nandu shared his strategy of increasing the number of daily posts and comments, which resulted in significant growth.
Content Creation Process - The caller is discussing their struggle with batch scheduling content and their alternative approach.
Content Creation Process Breakdown - Nandu schedules five pieces of content daily using other people's tweets and a content repository.
Nandu explained how he used Notion as a task manager and productivity hub, organizing his projects and tasks based on energy required. He also mentioned his use of 90-minute work sessions.
Notion for Streamlining and Productivity - The speaker uses Notion for task management, project organization, and tracking people they work with.
Nandu explained that a brain dump is a way to jot down thoughts, links, and other information on a blank page. He would review his brain dump each evening and categorize the notes into different sections, calling it his gold mine of ideas, thoughts, and plans.
Streamlining and Productivity Systems - Nandu uses a “goal mine” to categorize and store his ideas, thoughts, and plans.
Nandu discussed his successful monetization strategies, including one-time payments, tiered pricing, and packaging services with added value. He also mentioned the importance of building a loyal community, sharing his experience with launching a membership and later transitioning it into a free newsletter.
Building Community + Brand Collaborations - Nandu launched a newsletter after shutting down a previous project, focusing on his journey and brand collaborations.
Nandu and Praadigi discussed Nandu's personal habits and routines that contributed to his growth and success in his online journey. They also emphasized the importance of following curiosity instead of passion and creating a board of mentors for different areas of expertise.
Praadigi and Nandu had a conversation where Nandu shared advice on starting a side hustle, emphasizing the importance of experimentation and saying yes to opportunities. Praadigi expressed appreciation for Nandu's insights and pledged support for Nandu's journey.
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