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Are you looking for a budget-friendly digital business blueprint to living a life of freedom?

Unless your job is all-satisfying, all-consuming, or pays plenty of money, you probably have some leftover time, desires, or skills to monetize.
And in today's digital world, there's simply too much opportunity out there for you to live off of just one salary.

Many people have a business idea…

…but don't know where to start, or they've been working on a project for a while but don't know how to earn money from it.

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Most Follow A Traditional Path:

Few Follow An Untraditional Path:

”I quit the traditional “9-to-5” employee-centric way of life 4 years ago to study, work with, learn from and interview creators, founders and CEOs.”
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Income Idea Inc has helped many different digital creators, executive artists & online business owners.

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The conversations and documentation—that follows—is my humble attempt to capture and record the patterns / frameworks I've observed high-performing creators, executors and owners (of successful online businesses) using to transform an interesting idea or side project into a “day job”-killing, cash-gushing earnings overflow.

 #CreatorExpertOwners Cafe

CLOSED-SESSION Conversations with Digital Creators, Executives & Owners.
Interviews w/ Digital Creator & IndieHackers.

 Creator Economy Observer

Learn How the Internet has Opened a new world of economic possibility for everyone.
Articles for Digital Creators & IndieHackers.

Who’s ‘The Creator Connector’

My name's Dairrick Anthony Jordan.
I help powerhouse creators, entrepreneurs, and owners of single-member llcs simplify their online business dream without the corporate budget.
My goal is to help independent creators, experts, and owners of single-member LLCs define, design, and deliver purpose-driven, people-centric, passion-filled profitable income-generating internet properties with ease.
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